Research Center of Accounting Regulation on Chinese Economics

Research Center of Accounting Regulation on Chinese Economics (RCARCE) of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZNUEL) was re-established based on the Research Center for Accounting Reform and Development (RCARD). In accordance with the demand of Chinese economics、 accounting reform and development,also in the light of the requirement of Ordinary University Humanities Social Science Key Research Base,RCARD,a dependent research institute, was established in 2000 based on the Accounting Research Institute (ARI), which had exited for nearly 20 years. Mr Daoyang Guo,a distinguished professor, was the director of RCARD. In the past few years, a series of affairs, such as Enron affair in American、 Worldcom financial scandal and Ying guangxia event, greatly hurt international economy. As a result, how to strengthen economics supervision and accounting regulation, and promote economics steady development become the focus in the whole world. In this circumstance, RCARCE was established on the base of RCARD in June 2000 after the relate research fields were coordinated. Professor Daoyang Guo kept on being the director, Professor Fei Luo and Jialin Xu were the deputy dirctors.

  In accordance with the programing of RCARCE and the distribution of scientific resource, three research aspects are set and they are respectively research on supervision law、research on accounting regulation and capital market and research on state-owned capital supervision. RCARCE consists of ARI (including accounting regulation research laboratory and supervision law research laboratory),capital market regulation research laboratory and state capital supervision research laboratory, together with director secretary office and information office.

  There are 15 full-time researchers,11 part-time researchers and 3 administrators. Among the researchers, 23 are professors and 22 are PhDs (5 are post-PhDs).

  In the next 3 to 5 years, RCARCE has formulated a correspond program from scientific research, talent training,academic communion, information collection, consultation service and research system reform,and set correspond indexes. And then RCARCE will be a first-grade center in China and a influential research base in the world after constant development for 5 years.

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